Vancouver Deep Root Fertilization

• Injects fertilizer directly to the root zone
• Injections are done by spacing around the dripline
• With deep root fertilization the roots have instant access to the 
fertilizer and it is easily absorbed
• The fertilizer is dissolved in water, eliminating the lack of water issue
found with most other methods of fertilization
• A low salt index makes it very safe for the tree roots; it also gives the tree a long lasting supply of nitrogen
• It supplies the tree with all the micronutrients that are required for healthy growth
• Lasts up to 10 months

Why fertilize trees and shrubs?

• Trees and shrubs require certain elements to thrive and grow
• Urban trees and shrubs can sometime be grown in soils that do not have the essential elements they need for strong growth
• Fertilizing trees and shrubs with nitrogen can increase growth, help it resist certain diseases and pests and may be able to help in declining growth


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