Vancouver Garden Services

NuGreen provides the following Vancouver garden care services:

• Aeration
• Liming
• Power raking or dethatching
• Weed control
• Liquid Moss Control
• Fertilization


The recommended rate is once per season. This is the process where a machine is used to remove cores out of the lawn. Aeration can improve your lawn by:

• Improving irrigation
• Stimulating root growth in the core holes
• Improving fertilization response
• Increasing shoot growth above the core holes
• Improving soil compaction


Is recommended once per year. A ph test should be done before the rate of application is decided.

Power Raking or Dethatching

The recommended rate every 2 to 3 years. A machine is used to perform this job to remove all moss material and old and dead grass thatch. After this procedure is performed it will help improve grass-growing conditions (color, texture).

Weed Control

The weed killer that is used by NuGreen contains: 24D, Dicamba and Mecoprop this combination of weed killers will kill the majority of weed species.

Liquid Moss Control

Moss control is applied with a high-pressure sprayer at a PSI of 225 this method of application completely saturates all living mosses and will insure a quick death.



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