Vancouver Tree Services

NuGreen provides the following tree services:

• Crown Thinning
• Crown Cleaning
• Fertilization
• Chipping
• Clearing
• Soil Testing
• Pest Management
• Timing

Crown Thinning

Includes crown cleaning, also removing selected branches to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. Also helpful in reducing weight, enhancing light and air stimulates, and maintaining interior foliage.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of dead and diseased limbs as well as crowded and water sprout from the crown of the tree.


NuGreen uses a method of fertilization called deep root fertilization that injects the fertilizer directly into the root zone via liquid application. This makes the nutrients available to the tree right away.


If you have already done your own pruning and clearing NuGreen also chips up any hard garden waste (branches, shrubs, twigs).


NuGreen will also clear, cut and remove any desired area.

Soil Testing

This is something that is usually done before a trees fertilization rate is decided upon. This insures that the tree gets the nutrients that it requires to thrive.

Pest Management

If there is a tree or shrub that seems to be having problems with either fungus or insects, NuGreen will diagnose and treat any problems you trees may encounter.


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